S3E01: A Perfectly Safe and Legal Speed

S2E20: Nested Spoilers

Mark and Richard talk about Panic’s Playdate, Google Merging with Nest, 3d Touch with a lengthy aftershow talking about Star Trek, Game of Thrones and Westworld.


Panic's Playdate

Google Merging with Nest

Rumors about 3d touch going away

Aftershow - Star Trek and Engineering

Aftershow - Game of Thrones Season 8 (SPOILERS)

Aftershow - Westworld Season 3 (SPOILERS)

S2E19: TSA Pre ✓ for News

S2E18: Last Month Tonight

Mark and Richard talk about the Apple Services event from March, Google Stadia, the Oculus Rift S and Oprah hate.

Apple Event

Apple News+


Apple Card

Apple Arcade

Apple TV and Apple TV+

Mark’s Rant on Oprah

Google Stadia

Oculus Rift S

S2E17: 0% Body Fat

S2E16: Macbook Nerd

S2E15: Do your Homework!

Mark and Richard talk about Otoscopes, Folding Phones, Apple Credit Cards, Transitioning to ARM, and Doug Bowser. Featuring lots of Street Fighter 2 nostalgia in the aftershow.



Product Over Time: Vector

Product Over Time: USB Otoscope

Folding Phones

Apple Credit Card

Apple Transitions to ARM in 2020

Book Over Time

Nintendo's New CEO - Doug Bowser


Aftershow - Street Fighter 2

S2E14: I have KMFDM on my Tesla servicing report

S2E13: I had to change the wifi network on my bed

S2E12: There's only one space on the 64 bit raft

S2E11: Infinite Rubber Duckies

S2E10: With Apologies to John Romero

S2E9: Robot Cat

Mark and Richard talk about Richard’s new Mac Mini, and setting up new computers.


Product Over Time

Vector mic diagnostic

Vector mic diagnostic

S2E8: All Electric Cars Are Free

S2E7: So good, but so painful

S2E6: You had a friend once, but you burned it in a fire

Mark and Richard talk about Audio Hijack, Anki Vector, Tesla (again) and Oculus Quest (again)


  • Oculus Quest indoor only

Tesla Software version 9 update:

Audio Hijack:

  • Our graphs

Richard’s graph

Richard’s graph

Mark’s graph

Mark’s graph

Product Over Time : Anki Vector


95 Quadrillion subscribers outside of the Sol system, 0 inside.

S2E5: Angry Jellybean

Mark and Richard talk about the Teslas that they have owned and driven.

If you want to buy a Tesla, click here.

Richard and Mark’s P90Ds:

  • Reasons for our purchases

  • Old vs new nose design

  • Interior vs Mercedes E or S class

  • Dimensions vs BMW 5 & 7 series

  • Utility as people haulers

  • Purchase experience vs Dealerships

  • Guilt-free acceleration

  • Creep (or no creep!)

  • tred.com

  • Bouncy castle

  • Driver profiles

  • Screaming children

  • Software updates

Tesla version 9 software:

  • New in version 9

  • New Dash Cam feature

  • Speed improvements



  • Other people are also angry

  • New hardware features on an update (Rear heated seats unlocked)

Model 3:

  • turo

  • Needs a HUD

  • Unique AC

  • Handling is great

  • Reluctance motor (said inductance in podcast, should have said Reluctance. Oops.)

  • Phone entry

  • Keycard

  • Model 3 owner pulled over

  • Woe for lack of good seatbelt extenders

  • 3 seatbelt tips vs S seatbelt tips.

Model X:

90 Quadrillion subscribers outside of the Sol system, 0 inside.

S2E4: The Full Carmack Experience

Mark and Richard talk about Oculus Connect and the past, present and future of VR.

Oculus Go:

Oculus Quest:

VR Office/In the workplace:

  • Virtual Humans

Digression into Games:

Abrash Predictions

Distance to Andromeda Galaxy : 2.537 million light years

S2E3: Space Pipe

Mark and Richard talk about our orders, Nintendo Switch Online and the NVIDIA 2080. Bitcoin thrown in for good measure.


  • Firefly

  • Serenity

Our Orders:

  • Mark’s phone

  • Richard’s phone

  • Wallet phone case

  • Mark’s watch

  • Richard’s watch

  • Heart rate sensor changes

iOS 12:

Nintendo Switch Online:

  • NES Classic games

  • Virtual Console

  • XBox Live Arcade

  • Family Plan

  • Microsoft Game Pass

  • Breakthru


  • Ray Tracing

  • Starwars demo

  • Atomic Heart demo

  • Doom 3

    • Source code

  • Machine Learning

  • Scientific Computing

    • CUDA

    • Rackmount systems

    • NVIDIA’s license agreement

  • Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

    • ASIC

    • Ethereum

  • Mac OpenGL Support

  • Windows 8/10

  • Docker

Post Show:

  • Treadnauts

S2E2 No round Apple Cinema Display announced today

Mark and Richard talk about the fall iPhone event.

Wait, what happened to Season 2 Episode 1???

Apple Watch Series 4:

  • Store

  • Larger screen & thinner

  • Improved Cellular

  • Verizon ending 2G

  • Edition watches discontinued

  • Has an ECG built into the crown

  • Fall detection and discussion of false positives

  • Waterproof rating

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr:

  • Puns

  • Apple’s Payment plan

  • 7nm A12 Bionic chip

  • New 10X faster Neural Core

  • Demos

    • Blades (Bethesda demo)

    • Basketball analysis

    • Galaga AR

  • Digression to talk about the Switch and Xbox One

    • Mario Party

    • Family Share

    • Nintendo’s upcoming program

  • Prices

  • New Camera

  • Google Pixel

    • Reference Videocards

  • Battery

  • Can it play Crysis

  • Dual Sim

  • Better Call Saul


  • Speculation about upcoming Mac Pro

    • Bootcamp

  • Where are all the circles/round things?

  • Airport Express

  • Ubiquiti

All the things we’re sad about not getting updates yet