4: They'll swing into action and accidentally wipe their hard drive

We talk about Hyperlapse, delve into what it means to be a computer user, and take wild guesses as to the nature of the giant building involved in Apple’s September 9th announcement.  Also,  a card trick.

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Computer Literacy:


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3: Orange Finger Software LLC

In Episode 3 Mark and Richard discuss what it’s like to be an independent developer and how to survive in a market where good free or cheap software is getting more prevalent.  Also, the word “Microbolometer” is used during follow-up.  We think that’s a pretty cool word.



Being an independent developer:

  • Our history with it

  • Loneliness

  • Custom code for clients

  • Pros & Cons of bureaucracy

  • Solo work’s impact on code quality

  • Getting stuff done

  • Spending money on hardware

  • Wearing many hats




2: They aren't interested in the VR, they just want the apocalypse

We talk about our RSS addictions, Richard’s new FLIR_ONE, Oculus DK2 and Google Cardboard, Mark’s new headphones and microphone, and the kragle!


Follow Up:

Mark’s new microphone:

Mark’s new headphones:



Post Show:

1: Can we land in your ears?


  • History of the name Aliens Land Here

iOS 8:

  • Handoff

  • Jobs & Dropbox

  • Metal

  • Swift, including pseudo-plans for Swift in Simple Lift Log

  • Size classes

Next iPhone:

  • Fate of the 4 inch phone

  • Same chip in all sizes?

Mark’s new laptop:  (15 inch, GeForce GT 750M, 2.8GHz i7, 1TB flash)

  • Process of transferring things from old to new laptop

  • Boot time


  • Comparisons of Retina to our current monitors.

  • Longing for 5K to not lose screen real estate

  • iMacs as monitors

  • Touch screens at Axion Racing


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