S2E20: Nested Spoilers

Mark and Richard talk about Panic’s Playdate, Google Merging with Nest, 3d Touch with a lengthy aftershow talking about Star Trek, Game of Thrones and Westworld.


Panic's Playdate

Google Merging with Nest

Rumors about 3d touch going away

Aftershow - Star Trek and Engineering

Aftershow - Game of Thrones Season 8 (SPOILERS)

Aftershow - Westworld Season 3 (SPOILERS)

S2E19: TSA Pre ✓ for News

S2E18: Last Month Tonight

Mark and Richard talk about the Apple Services event from March, Google Stadia, the Oculus Rift S and Oprah hate.

Apple Event

Apple News+


Apple Card

Apple Arcade

Apple TV and Apple TV+

Mark’s Rant on Oprah

Google Stadia

Oculus Rift S

S2E17: 0% Body Fat

S2E16: Macbook Nerd

S2E15: Do your Homework!

Mark and Richard talk about Otoscopes, Folding Phones, Apple Credit Cards, Transitioning to ARM, and Doug Bowser. Featuring lots of Street Fighter 2 nostalgia in the aftershow.



Product Over Time: Vector

Product Over Time: USB Otoscope

Folding Phones

Apple Credit Card

Apple Transitions to ARM in 2020

Book Over Time

Nintendo's New CEO - Doug Bowser


Aftershow - Street Fighter 2

S2E14: I have KMFDM on my Tesla servicing report

S2E13: I had to change the wifi network on my bed

S2E12: There's only one space on the 64 bit raft

S2E11: Infinite Rubber Duckies

S2E10: With Apologies to John Romero

S2E9: Robot Cat

Mark and Richard talk about Richard’s new Mac Mini, and setting up new computers.


Product Over Time

Vector mic diagnostic

Vector mic diagnostic

S2E8: All Electric Cars Are Free

S2E7: So good, but so painful

S2E6: You had a friend once, but you burned it in a fire

Mark and Richard talk about Audio Hijack, Anki Vector, Tesla (again) and Oculus Quest (again)


  • Oculus Quest indoor only

Tesla Software version 9 update:

Audio Hijack:

  • Our graphs

Richard’s graph

Richard’s graph

Mark’s graph

Mark’s graph

Product Over Time : Anki Vector


95 Quadrillion subscribers outside of the Sol system, 0 inside.

S2E5: Angry Jellybean

Mark and Richard talk about the Teslas that they have owned and driven.

If you want to buy a Tesla, click here.

Richard and Mark’s P90Ds:

  • Reasons for our purchases

  • Old vs new nose design

  • Interior vs Mercedes E or S class

  • Dimensions vs BMW 5 & 7 series

  • Utility as people haulers

  • Purchase experience vs Dealerships

  • Guilt-free acceleration

  • Creep (or no creep!)

  • tred.com

  • Bouncy castle

  • Driver profiles

  • Screaming children

  • Software updates

Tesla version 9 software:

  • New in version 9

  • New Dash Cam feature

  • Speed improvements



  • Other people are also angry

  • New hardware features on an update (Rear heated seats unlocked)

Model 3:

  • turo

  • Needs a HUD

  • Unique AC

  • Handling is great

  • Reluctance motor (said inductance in podcast, should have said Reluctance. Oops.)

  • Phone entry

  • Keycard

  • Model 3 owner pulled over

  • Woe for lack of good seatbelt extenders

  • 3 seatbelt tips vs S seatbelt tips.

Model X:

90 Quadrillion subscribers outside of the Sol system, 0 inside.

S2E4: The Full Carmack Experience

Mark and Richard talk about Oculus Connect and the past, present and future of VR.

Oculus Go:

Oculus Quest:

VR Office/In the workplace:

  • Virtual Humans

Digression into Games:

Abrash Predictions

Distance to Andromeda Galaxy : 2.537 million light years

S2E3: Space Pipe

Mark and Richard talk about our orders, Nintendo Switch Online and the NVIDIA 2080. Bitcoin thrown in for good measure.


  • Firefly

  • Serenity

Our Orders:

  • Mark’s phone

  • Richard’s phone

  • Wallet phone case

  • Mark’s watch

  • Richard’s watch

  • Heart rate sensor changes

iOS 12:

Nintendo Switch Online:

  • NES Classic games

  • Virtual Console

  • XBox Live Arcade

  • Family Plan

  • Microsoft Game Pass

  • Breakthru


  • Ray Tracing

  • Starwars demo

  • Atomic Heart demo

  • Doom 3

    • Source code

  • Machine Learning

  • Scientific Computing

    • CUDA

    • Rackmount systems

    • NVIDIA’s license agreement

  • Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

    • ASIC

    • Ethereum

  • Mac OpenGL Support

  • Windows 8/10

  • Docker

Post Show:

  • Treadnauts

S2E2 No round Apple Cinema Display announced today

Mark and Richard talk about the fall iPhone event.

Wait, what happened to Season 2 Episode 1???

Apple Watch Series 4:

  • Store

  • Larger screen & thinner

  • Improved Cellular

  • Verizon ending 2G

  • Edition watches discontinued

  • Has an ECG built into the crown

  • Fall detection and discussion of false positives

  • Waterproof rating

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr:

  • Puns

  • Apple’s Payment plan

  • 7nm A12 Bionic chip

  • New 10X faster Neural Core

  • Demos

    • Blades (Bethesda demo)

    • Basketball analysis

    • Galaga AR

  • Digression to talk about the Switch and Xbox One

    • Mario Party

    • Family Share

    • Nintendo’s upcoming program

  • Prices

  • New Camera

  • Google Pixel

    • Reference Videocards

  • Battery

  • Can it play Crysis

  • Dual Sim

  • Better Call Saul


  • Speculation about upcoming Mac Pro

    • Bootcamp

  • Where are all the circles/round things?

  • Airport Express

  • Ubiquiti

All the things we’re sad about not getting updates yet

10. We wanted to not die in the vehicle while testing

Mark and Richard talk about the Tesla P85D, car automation, and the DARPA Grand Challenge.

Tesla P85D:

Supercharger stations

Top Gear / Tesla Controversy

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Automation

Automation Talk - Waypoint finding

DARPA Grand Challenge