S2E2 No round Apple Cinema Display announced today

Mark and Richard talk about the fall iPhone event.

Wait, what happened to Season 2 Episode 1???

Apple Watch Series 4:

  • Store

  • Larger screen & thinner

  • Improved Cellular

  • Verizon ending 2G

  • Edition watches discontinued

  • Has an ECG built into the crown

  • Fall detection and discussion of false positives

  • Waterproof rating

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr:

  • Puns

  • Apple’s Payment plan

  • 7nm A12 Bionic chip

  • New 10X faster Neural Core

  • Demos

    • Blades (Bethesda demo)

    • Basketball analysis

    • Galaga AR

  • Digression to talk about the Switch and Xbox One

    • Mario Party

    • Family Share

    • Nintendo’s upcoming program

  • Prices

  • New Camera

  • Google Pixel

    • Reference Videocards

  • Battery

  • Can it play Crysis

  • Dual Sim

  • Better Call Saul


  • Speculation about upcoming Mac Pro

    • Bootcamp

  • Where are all the circles/round things?

  • Airport Express

  • Ubiquiti

All the things we’re sad about not getting updates yet

10. We wanted to not die in the vehicle while testing

Mark and Richard talk about the Tesla P85D, car automation, and the DARPA Grand Challenge.

Tesla P85D:

Supercharger stations

Top Gear / Tesla Controversy

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Automation

Automation Talk - Waypoint finding

DARPA Grand Challenge


8: You're having an out of body experience

7: Welcome to BallmerMan Live, Battlefest!

We talk about why we pre-ordered the iPhones that we did, Apple Watch pricing, the state of Microsoft as a company (including their purchase of Minecraft), and Ballmerman!





Supporting the iPhone 6:

  • Getting H.265 & 3x working

  • 6+ simulator is too big to fit, even scaled to 50%



6: Yo for rich people

A special edition Aliens Land Here.  We moved up our schedule to talk about the recent news.


iPhone 6 / 6+:

Apple Pay:

  • Introduction Commercial

  • Use

  • Security

  • “Secure element” chip

  • Compatibility:

  • NFC payments

  • Problems

Apple Watch:

  • “One more thing”

  • Form Factor

  • Rounded rectangle

  • watch (custom steel alloy frame, sapphire front, ceramic back)

  • sport (aluminum frame, glass front, “composite” back)

  • edition (18k gold, sapphire front, ceramic back)

  • 6 straps (sport band, leather loop, leather modern, leather classic, steel, milanese loop

  • Rotary side-interface “digital crown”

  • Haptic feedback

  • Force Touch

  • Photo sensors detect pulse

  • Range of watch faces

  • Communicator

  • Apple TV remote

  • Simple Lift Log for Watch?


Also Topical: 

5: Secure by default!

Mark talks about his trials and tribulations with PHP.  Also, we get excited by the prospect of 5K displays coming soon, talk about Celebgate and the state of password management, and discuss the recent Samsung/Oculus announcement. 



VR Update: 



4: They'll swing into action and accidentally wipe their hard drive

We talk about Hyperlapse, delve into what it means to be a computer user, and take wild guesses as to the nature of the giant building involved in Apple’s September 9th announcement.  Also,  a card trick.

Follow Up: 


Computer Literacy:


Post Show: 

3: Orange Finger Software LLC

In Episode 3 Mark and Richard discuss what it’s like to be an independent developer and how to survive in a market where good free or cheap software is getting more prevalent.  Also, the word “Microbolometer” is used during follow-up.  We think that’s a pretty cool word.



Being an independent developer:

  • Our history with it

  • Loneliness

  • Custom code for clients

  • Pros & Cons of bureaucracy

  • Solo work’s impact on code quality

  • Getting stuff done

  • Spending money on hardware

  • Wearing many hats




2: They aren't interested in the VR, they just want the apocalypse

We talk about our RSS addictions, Richard’s new FLIR_ONE, Oculus DK2 and Google Cardboard, Mark’s new headphones and microphone, and the kragle!


Follow Up:

Mark’s new microphone:

Mark’s new headphones:



Post Show:

1: Can we land in your ears?


  • History of the name Aliens Land Here

iOS 8:

  • Handoff

  • Jobs & Dropbox

  • Metal

  • Swift, including pseudo-plans for Swift in Simple Lift Log

  • Size classes

Next iPhone:

  • Fate of the 4 inch phone

  • Same chip in all sizes?

Mark’s new laptop:  (15 inch, GeForce GT 750M, 2.8GHz i7, 1TB flash)

  • Process of transferring things from old to new laptop

  • Boot time


  • Comparisons of Retina to our current monitors.

  • Longing for 5K to not lose screen real estate

  • iMacs as monitors

  • Touch screens at Axion Racing


Post Show: