6: Yo for rich people

A special edition Aliens Land Here.  We moved up our schedule to talk about the recent news.


iPhone 6 / 6+:

Apple Pay:

  • Introduction Commercial
  • Use
  • Security
  • “Secure element” chip
  • Compatibility: 
  • NFC payments 
  • Problems

Apple Watch:

  •  “One more thing”  
  • Form Factor
  • Rounded rectangle 
  • watch (custom steel alloy frame, sapphire front, ceramic back) 
  • sport (aluminum frame, glass front, “composite” back) 
  • edition (18k gold, sapphire front, ceramic back) 
  • 6 straps  (sport band, leather loop, leather modern, leather classic, steel, milanese loop 
  • Rotary side-interface “digital crown” 
  • Haptic feedback
  • Force Touch 
  • Photo sensors detect pulse
  • Range of watch faces 
  • Communicator
  • Apple TV remote 
  • Simple Lift Log for Watch?  


Also Topical: